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Saturday, July 9, 2011

"Unending Night"

 Hey everyone!  "Demonspeed" is edited and ready to go. I just have to wait on one more thing before it can be uploaded for sale.  This should only take another day or two so get ready. The Ebook will go on sale for 99cents at , , and most likely  I'm really excited that the release is almost here. I personally am very proud with what I've wrote and I hope everyone else will be too.

If you enjoy "Demonspeed", keep an eye out for my first full-fledged novel, "Unending Night". I honestly have no idea on a release date for the novel but I will keep you posted on any news. The story will follow a young elf, part of an ancient race of protectors who dedicate their lives to protecting humans. Both from themselves, as well as a boat load of supernatural horrors lurking in the shadows.

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